ECRI Software Maintenance and Support

ECRI offers annual and 3-year software maintenance contracts. Software maintenance includes both updates and support.

Software Updates

ECRI releases updated versions of each product every year. There is no charge for the update to customers on maintenance contracts.

ECRI software updates include not only bug fixes, user-requested changes, and updates for compatibility with other software, but also new features. For example the new features added to Rigel Analyst in the last few years have included:

  • Integration with ESRI ArcGIS/ArcView/ArcInfo, MapInfo, and Google Maps in one common software version in addition to the original Microsoft MapPoint integration
  • On-the-fly switching between multiple map services while working on a case
  • Linkage analysis with multiple saved Patterns
  • User-editable Word docx and Powerpoint pptx report templates
  • Temporal maps with custom symbols
  • Crime order mapping
  • Time-series animation with growing and sliding windows, optional saving to video files
  • Profile flicker comparison
  • Side-by-side statistics comparison for multiple scenarios
  • Support for state planar and MGRS coordinates
  • Geocoding with multiple simultaneous geocoding services, with fallback priority scheme
  • User-selectable symbol sets for crimes, suspects, and other sites
  • Display of point symbols and trend lines for CGT center, Median, Mean, and Center of Minimum Distance (CMD)
  • User-defined data fields for crimes and suspects
  • Site data sets with Thiessen polygon analysis
  • Profiling and ranking multiple separated suspect lists
  • Suspect ranking sensitivity analysis
  • Detailed Expert System recommendations for scenarios
  • Automatic peak profile identification and display from statistics
  • Geoprofile export to Google Earth and ESRI shp formats
  • Case manager for archiving cases

and many other features to expand the analysis capabilities and make the software faster and more convenient to use.

Crime analysts today use many different software packages which must work together in a common operating environment including the computer, operating system, network, and software infrastructure provided by database and GIS. This environment is constantly evolving, with new and sometimes incompatible versions being released every year. Software maintenance service ensures that your ECRI software will always be tested and updated to be compatible with the latest releases affecting your environment.

Full Support

In addition to software updates, ECRI’s maintenance contracts provide full customer support, including telephone, email and web assistance, and problem reporting and tracking to resolution.

ECRI’s experienced technical staff are always ready to provide help and solve problems, even when the problems are only indirectly related to ECRI’s software. They are familiar with the priorities of police work, and they understand when solving an issue is critical to a case. You get direct access to the most knowledgeable staff when required, without having to go through time-wasting lower levels of support.

Technical support is also available by the day for customers not on maintenance contracts, but the cost per year for a full annual maintenance contract is equivalent to the cost of a single day of on-demand technical support.