Request a Geographic Profile

If you have case where you think a geographic profile could help, please fill out the following form and we will attempt put you in touch with an experienced police or military geographic profiler if appropriate.

Please note that case assistance is normally provided free of charge from one police agency to another. However, all profilers have a heavy case load, and assistance on a case depends on their current availability, the seriousness of the case, the importance and applicability of geographic profiling to the case, and the degree of preparation and understanding of how to use the results shown by the requestor. The following steps are typically required by the profiler when preparing a geographic profile:

  1. A thorough review of the case file, including investigation reports, witness statements, autopsy reports, and criminal profile
  2. Interviews with lead investigators and crime analysts
  3. Visits to each of the crime sites, where possible
  4. Review of neighborhood and demographic information
  5. Study of street, land use and transit maps

All communications with ECRI are considered confidential, and will never be shared with other parties without your permission. Your contact information will be used only to respond to your request.

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